"Good morning, Gray-sama." Juvia said, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend from behind and pressing her naked body on his; he might be an Ice Mage, but he was very warm.

"Hey." He answered with a big grin. "Sorry, did I wake you?" Gray had been grabbing some essentials and putting them in his backpack and must’ve made some kind of noise if she was awake.

"No." The woman kissed his shoulder. "Juvia just wanted to say good-bye before you leave to your mission."

Gray turned to her - Juvia’s arms quickly wrapped themselves around him again and he cupped her face gently. “I still have some time before I have to leave.”

"Good." Juvia smiled and Gray kissed her lips. A good morning it was.

Would you consider drawing some Laxana some time soon? '3'

Hi there, Anon! I think you meant ‘write’, right? Trust me, you don’t want to see me drawing, it’s very… disturbing to say the least. HAHA

Anyway, I ship Laxana but I don’t usually write about them (two stories so far) and it might take me awhile to write another one. Usually I just try to hint the ship on my other stories. LOL

Thank you for the ask! :3

hello there! I just wanted to say that YOU. ARE. SO. AWESOME!!!!!!! Are you doing requests???? Please, please, please....

You have no idea how happy I got when I read this! Thank you so much, sweetie! <3 


About the requests, it’s an ‘Yes' and a 'No' at the same time. You see, I have to get really into the story to write it and maybe I can’t feel it with a certain request, BUT, if you send one to me and I get the inspiration, I can certainly write!

Thank you for the ask!


Well, yeah. Gruvia :>

After months and months away without a single Gruvia update, I am back, bringing to you the first part of a two-shot and this first part has almost 12k, to compensate any damages.


To the story!

Summary: When a tragedy results in Gray Fullbuster with the custody os his five-year-old niece, Gray doesn’t know what to do until a certain blue haired woman step up to help him go through it. [Gruvia l AU]

I dedicate this story to esthellar (whose birthday was yesterday and I couldn’t give her anything) and yuuba (who probably moved on and remarried ~cries~)


Yeah, asked my friend as well for clarification (thank you!). First of all the text on the poster, because it’s important.


"The last story is, the start of love/the beginning of love"

はじめての愛does mean “first love”, but it doesn’t mean “someone’s first/past love” (that would be written like this 初恋). It’s more like "love for the first time". Like… A new/discovery love/a love for the first time ever. It can be romantic, although not limited to. So it’s really “The last story is love for the first time/start of love”. Not “it’s about someone’s first crush/love”. 

I’m backed up by mezzomarinaio and takL from Naruto forums, who say:

"Not takL here… but for the record, that’s what it sounds like to me as well.

'First love' as in 'the first person you got the hots for' would probably be more 初恋,  methinks…”

"if it was written as 初恋  itd be the first crush but it says はじめての (new/first ever) 愛 (love)

so i aint sure if its about shippings.”

My other friend who saw the poster for the first time translated it as “start of love.” So you can tell that to anyone who says it’s referring to Naruto’s crush on Sakura back in part one. It’s not. :P

Edit: kuwnaruto supports this claim as well:

"I don’t think it has anything to do with past love since 初めて の 愛 (Hajimete no ai) is translated as “love for the very first time” as many people has already claimed it can be translated as “First love” or simply “the discovery of love”

Crush and first/past love is translated as 初恋 (Hatsukoi)

*Original words from the title

映画]最後の物語は、はじめての愛   (saigo no monogatari wa, hajimete no ai)”

Now, the tweet:

劇場版『THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-』の本ポスタービジュアルが解禁されました!!ナルトの赤いマフラーと横向きのヒナタ!?キャッチコピーコ ピーにも注目です!

"This poster presents the visual theater version of ‘THE LAST - NARUTO THE MOVIE’!! Naruto’s red scarf and Hinata on the side??! Also focus on the text on the poster!"

Another translation by kuwnaruto:

"The Last Naruto The Movie" poster has finally been revealed! Naruto’s red scarf is facing sideways to Hinata!? Also please pay attention to the large text as well!"

The tweet draws our attention to the scarf and Hinata, then says to focus on the text on the poster which is translated above (“The last story is, the start of love/the beginning of love”)

It’s most definitely a NaruHina tease. ^^

One last thing! Hinata is listed in the main cast for this movie along with Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Sai, Kakashi, and Sasuke. ^^ The movie credits are down in the corner of that poster.

hello! I've been reading (and rereading) your fics and all I can say is: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Your Gruvia stories are the best ever and your AUs are well-written. I'm not a fan of AUs but yours are an exception! Are you still going to write Gruvia? I miss your stories and I've been "stalking" your blog and FF account just to see if you updated. I do love to hear more from you.:) Kudos!



I opened my e-mail and one of the first things I see is this ask and it makes me smile so much! Thank you! I looooove AUs, as you can notice and I am glad that you like it as well, especially since you are not that much of a fan!

And yes, I am still going to write Gruvia. Sorry about my hiatus, but it seemed that all I wrote was ‘crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap’ but I am pretty sure my block is gone, as I wrote 5k yesterday for a One-shot (that has a possibility of being a two-shot) which makes the story have 7K so far and that will feature Juvia, Gray and Kid!Meredy!

Maybe I’ll update it in a couple of days, so, stay tuned! Again, thank you so much for the ask, hon! <3


if you dont think that honeyteacake and bonneyq are one of the best things that happened to the gruvia fandom you are wrong and need to get out


Oh, my!

There are so many amazin people in this fandom and you say that about me? It makes me sooooo happy! Thank you, darling! <3

I Miss The Bad Things [Laxana]

Summary: Thinking it back, Cana might have baited him a little too much. But just a little. A tiny bit. Telling Laxus Dreyar of Fairy Tail that he was a good boy, was an insult. Who knew, right? [Laxana]

I'm actually really disappointed that you don't seem to see the wrong of that gruvia week. take a moment to step into the other ships shoes. if you were on the other end, i'm sure you'd be upset that another popular ship is, after having 2 ship weeks already, are having another one which will essentially steal the limelight. I know the dates were moved, but none of you fans seem to feel sorry for the mistake, and i guess that's what hurts jerza and stingue fans moreso than the date clash

Look, I get it in part; I understand that some people could get upset and this whole thing would’ve gone in another direction if the organizers from both parties had talked on the down low.

However, it didn’t go down that path and people chose to see the bad side of it instead of just be okay with it. A few weeks ago, for example, the Gajevy Lovefest happened to happen at pretty much the same time as the Boleska Week (they are from different fandoms, but bear with me for a minute here just for the sake of the argument) and even so, I participated a little bit during both and enjoyed both tremendously. Instead of sulking that they would overlap, I was happy that my week would be filled with great stories and fanarts.

Maybe the way I think is pretty simple, but I do like the idea of “the more, the merrier”. I am not the biggest Jerza fan and I don’t think about StinGue all that much, but, for example, if it happened to happen a Gruvia Week, a CaptainSwan Week and Olicity Wek overlapping each other, my body would be ready with all the amazing things I would see during that time and my only concern would be to find more stuff from the three ships.

I get that you think that those two ships wouldn’t get attention because Gruvia is ‘more famous’, but if people like it, they will find it and enjoy any events that are organized. But again, maybe is just me.

As you said, the matter is now under control and this is just my opinion. Continue this would just be silly; in the future we should all evade any unpleasant situations by learning from this one.