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The Girl Twice Dead,
the Impossible Girl, my story is done.
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'Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten' ~ G. K. Chesterton
We weren't born to follow Come on and get up off your knees When life is a bitter pill to swallow You gotta hold on to what you believe Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow And that your saints and sinners bleed We weren't born to follow

 Anonymous asked:
hello, Bonney-sama~ Hehe, I am in need of some gruvia lovin'. Would you mind making a HS!AU for our two dorks? (andmaybethrowinsomejerzaJZDBCSDJCNSD) Thanks so muuuuch~

Hello there, Anon. Let me tell you something: I don’t get it. Is “HS” High School or Homestuck? LOL image

Just to clear things up, I don’t read Homestuck, of that’s what you mean, Just to be sure HAHA

 Anonymous asked:
Hi, I was wondering if you could (only if want to of course) finish your old fanfics, like "Equilibrium", "Alpha" and "Someone Else's Life". If you can't that's fine, I'll sure going to love whatever you write.



Someone Else’s Life is DEFINETELY on the table, but the others… Equilibrium is such a… (I’ll use the term) ‘horrible’ story because there’s nothing else other than to be funny and if I ever got to it, I’ll try to make another chapter, but Alpha is definetly discontinued. I should even put it there or even delete it.

Sorry. :( I am on a “One Shot” mood these days, and I hope you like them and the upcoming updates of my other stories :3

 xxgruviadiamondsxx asked:
My god your profile pics are always so good!! Anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog is AMAZING!! I dont know if it really matters what I think of it, but I hope this lightens up your day just a little bit! You are awesome and I just love your fairy tail gruvia edits (lets not talk about fanfiction- i can write a whole essay on why youre so good!) this is just a very random message, I know, but hey, a little fan mail never hurt anyone I hope...Have an amazing day!! :D :D

You have NO IDEA how much happier this ask made my day when I read it, really, You guys never cease to amaze me! Thank, really thank you <3


 usagi-aru asked:
Drabble Request!: In when Gray is wondering why Juvia call him with sama and Gajeel with kun, and finds it really annoying (because he's jealous of that awesome brotp) xD

I actually have something like this already done Call His Name has it all, even if the main focus is on Lyon, Gray also speaks of Gajeel by the end, Why is he -sama while Gajeel is -kun, right? LOL Anyway, it’s M-rated and I hope you like it! :3


Thanks for the request <3

 gundammeisterlucretia asked:
I really love your edits! They're so well done! Thanks for making them! :D

Thank you for enjoying my edits, really! I love making them and it had been  while since I’ve done one, so… Thanks! <3


When Gray took in his first apprendice, he was twenty-four years old and returning home from a long mission and during the trip, he met Samuel Ahois, a boy of twelve who could do the basics of Ice Magic and used it to steal from people. After Gray caught the boy trying to steal from him and giving him a well-deserved ass-whooping, the Fairy Tail Mage listened as the boy told him how he had lost his parents when he was just a baby and how his grandmother – the one who had been taking care of him since he was two – has taught him the little she knew about Ice Magic and had passed away just a few months before, leaving him without anyone else in the world.

Seeing his old self in that red haired boy, Gray asked if Sam would be interested in going to Magnolia so he could teach the kid at least how to properly use his Ice Magic and not ending up killing himself or others. And after pouting and a little tantrum, Sam agreed.

Once they arrived in Magnolia, Gray introduced the little boy to Master Makarov, who was nothing but kind to Sam and told Gray that he would find a suitable place for him to live - just as he had done for all the youngsters that arrived at his guild - but Gray guaranteed that he had enough space in his house fot Sam to sleep for a couple of nights and he would try and find a place for the boy near his house and that the next day they would resume their lessons.

To say that Sam fell in love with Juvia from the moment he saw her was an understatment. After hearing the story about how his life turned out, Sam found himself being hugged by his new master’s girlfriend so tight he could barely breath. Not that he wanted anyways, after all, he was a twelve year old boy and had boobs being pressed on him.

Gray liked having Sam around, it was fun teaching what Ur had taught him years ago and the kid was really nice, actually. Except when Juvia was around, of course - because when that happened, he would even forget how to walk in a straight line.

Once Gray informed Juvia of this fact just before they went to sleep, she had laughed.

"It’s puppy love, Gray-sama." She chuckled, straddling him and proceeding to take off her camisole and Gray stared at her with appreciation, his hands going straight to her grab her hips firmly.

"Lyon still has a thing for you." Gray moaned when Juvia leaned in and kissed his lips lightly. "Meredy counts the days to see you, even Ultear and my dad liked you. And now my apprentice." He felt her kiss his neck and stopped talking for the moment. "It seems that you have a way of stealing the heart of everyone important in my life."

"It doesn’t matter." She informed him. "Because the only heart Juvia is interested in stealing, is yours." Juvia bit a little too hard on a place she knew he loved and he groaned in pleasure. "Plus, they all know that Juvia is yours, Gray-sama. Don’t worry, Sam-kun will get smitten with a girl his age soon enough."

"I know." Gray sighed in contentment. "It just bothers me. You are twice his age. What if he’s into cougars?"

Juvia stopped her kisses on his neck to slap him on the chest and then, said in faked outrage. “Cougar?” Gray laughed and changed their positions, so he was on top, kissing her again in between their laughter.

Fullbuster Baby wants Caramade Franks. 

Gruvia is so endgame that even characters from ‘rival’ ships, ship it.

 Anonymous asked:
Is Stinerva, Rogura and Bixanna have to be a Fairy Tale, which would be?


Stinerva can be Mulan

Rogura can be The Princess and the Frosch

Bixanna huh? i’d love the Snow White one 

Totally reblogging this because of “The Princess and the Frosch”. 


Requests Open :3

So, I decided to open drabble requests here.

I am not abandoning any other stories, I am just in need or a ‘vacation’, but I didn’t want to stop writing, so, I think that some drabbles now and then would be nice.

If you have any, send me one! :3