First of all, thank you very much for the kind words. <3

About the theory, I think it is nice (Mashima is crazy enough to pull a stunt like that), but at this point I don’t think he will anymore. If it happened, I’d probably have a heart attack, because I do love Sting and Rogue very much and if they were children of my ships… oh my!

And about writing…. I don’t like to write about NaLu and GaLe all that much, I think that my fanfiction with them on the spotlight are crappy. LOL

Anonymous asked: When you udpate you fiction "The Duchess"

Weeeeell… I only update stuff when the inspiration hits. I hope that the muse for “The Duchess” comes to me soon. LOL

Next Generation of Heroes

  • Alexander (Meaning: warrior) ~ Ian Somerhalder
  • Lucy (Meaning: light) ~ Ashley Benson
  • Richard (Meaning: powerful leader) ~ Bradley James
  • Leah (Meaning: delicate) ~ India Eisley
  • Dominic (Meaning: lord) ~ Drew Roy
  • Maeve (Meaning: intoxicating) ~ Sarah Hyland


I’d cast the same spell on him if I could do it.

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Much Stronger Than Forever

Chapter 6: Part II – She is gone

If I knew your reaction would be like that after the last chapter, I would’ve done the trolling a long time ago!


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NaLu personification [] Inspired by this.
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19 days until we defiantly know we will die…







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After I watched this photo I am only able to imagine Emma and Hook in the waiting room

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"It was very important to give this to Mako and to have her say "for my family", but it’s not only the family that she lost in that memory. I made the conscious decision not to show the family destroyed in the memory because all the family that she’s formed now, the russians that died, the chinese that died is her family, the human family that we see slaughtered in the movie everytime a Kaiju appears." -Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim Director’s Commentary

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